About us

Here at Hackceptional we provide you with only the most exceptional hacks. That’s where the name Hackceptional comes from. It’s a combination of the word hack and exceptional. We test our hacks thoroughly before we release them on our website to make sure that all the hacks we release are 100% working.

In addition, we are dedicated to providing you with all the hacks completely free of charge. We have never asked anyone to pay for any of our hacks and we never will. Our hacks will always be available on our website for free. However, due to the fact that our hacks sometimes get abused we have a human verification system in place that requires you to prove that you are a human in order to use our most popular hacks. Initially we didn’t want to implement this feature on our website, but the amount of bots that tried to take advantage of the hacks we offer on our website became too much to handle for our servers. We hope you understand that this was the only solution to keep our website up and running. However, we have made sure that our human verification is very easy to pass if you’re actually human.

Furthermore, we are always open for hacking requests. If you have a social network that you want a hack for just let us know. We can also hack pretty much any game you desire. If you have a hacking request simply leave a comment and we’ll get right on it!

We hope you will enjoy the hacks that we release and if you ever encounter any problems we will always be there to help you out.