3 Ways to spy on any Snapchat account in less than 5 minutes

By | September 19, 2018

Snapchat is a very popular app for both Android and iPhone. The main reason for its popularity is the fact that images are deleted after they have been viewed, which gives the snaps you send a degree of privacy. But what is that’s not actually the case? What if there was a way to view the sent & received snaps of Snapchat users?

There have been many breaches in Snapchat’s security. The infamous Snappening in 2014 is just one example. During this well known event, thousands upon thousands of Snaps were leaked. However, this does little to answer the question whether it is possible in 2018 to spy on Snapchat accounts. Luckily we have the answer. There are 3 main ways to spy on Snapchat accounts, all of which we will cover in this article.


1. Using a Snap spy tool

There are many websites that claim they have a working Snapchat Spy tool, but many of them are fakes. However, there is one tool that does allow you to spy on Snapchat, and that is our own personal favorite. You can find our Snapchat Spy Hack here. This tool allows you to enter the username of any Snapchat User and view all their sent & received Snaps instantly.

Snapchat spy

It’s a powerful tool that’s a favorite among the community. It’s easy to use, free and works flawlessly. A neat feature of this Snapchat Spy is that you do not require access to the target’s device. You only need to know their username in order to hack their account. The Snapchat Spy works because it uses the leaked Snapchat source code.


  • Works on any device with an internet connection.
  • It’s free to use.
  • Does not require access to the target’s phone.
  • Anonymous.
  • No technological knowledge required.


  • None.

2. Services such as thetruthspy and mspy

Mspy and thetruthspy do allow you to view a person’s Snaps, but they have 2 major drawbacks. The first is that you have to pay for them. They are not free to use and they charge a monthly subscription fee which can be quite expensive.


Furthermore, thetruthspy and mspy require you to have access to the device of the person whose Snaps you want to view. This is fine if you want to monitor your children’s Snapchat activity, but for other purposes it’s less than ideal.

These two restrictions make it a lot harder to use services such as these when you want to spy on a Snapchat account.


  • Works well when you want to monitor your child on Snapchat.
  • Once installed you can monitor all their incoming and outgoing Snaps.


  • Not free to use.
  • Requires access to the target’s device.

3. Phishing or bruteforcing methods

Phishing is as old as the internet itself. It is therefore not surprising that this tried and tested method also works for spying on Snapchat accounts. With this method the goal is obtaining the password of the Snapchat account. Now, you can’t retroactively view the Snaps that have already been viewed once you obtained the password, but you can view new incoming Snaps when using this method.



  • Free.


  • Can’t monitor Snaps in real time, you have to open Snaps before the account owner can.
  • Requires a hefty degree of technological knowledge due to how hard it is.
  • No 100% guaranteed success rate.

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